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It took awhile to get here but it’s perfect! Good quality!

Beautiful just beautiful

Thank you helping me comfort my daughter with the presence of her daddy for her 21st birthday. It is the most beautiful gift I've purchased and I think her face says it all 💜

My Angel

I absolutely love my necklace! No it can’t feel the void of me wanting him here with me physically, but now I can walk around with this memory close to my heart because of Katie Belle. Thank you!

Honoring My Mother…

This was a gift I bought for my sister and I. This year marks 15 years that we lost our Mom to Colon Cancer. This necklace is a constant reminder of our beautiful mother that we lost too soon. Beautiful design and excellent quality for price. Highly recommend Katie Belle for any memorial needs jewelry!

My angel photo necklace

I absolutely love it. Item is as described and I hold it dear and close to my heart. I definitely recommend Katie Belle Collection and would order again. Thank you.


I can only wear jewelry that is real or my skin turns green. I wear this necklace 24/7 and it doesn't bother my skin. It is absolutely beautiful!! It is like I can keep my daddy with me at all times. I have ordered my daughter a necklace too. Thank you so much it's absolutely beautiful

Photo jewelry

I ordered two,because I just fell in love with first one..Absolutely beautiful..

My Angel Memorial Necklace .
Rebecca Escobedo
Janelles necklace

I loved it and my niece loved so much he loved his cousin and his so happy with her necklace

Perfect Mother’s Day gift

It was the perfect thing to get for my mother. We recently lost my little brother, and this was a beautiful way for her to carry him with her forever.


I absolutely love my necklace. It never comes off, and it actually does give me a sense of comfort. Thanks Katie Belle ❣️ Oh, and it’s beautiful. Like it makes anything I wear pop.

Get you or your love one now!!

I bought this for my moms Mother’s Day /birthday gift and she absolutely loves it.
The necklace has a picture of my papaw (my moms dad) who passed away back in 2011 which really hard for all of us especially her, so in honor of him I decided that this was the best gift. I was really nervous about getting it because I’ve never ordered from here before but it was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. Highly recommend getting one!!

This is my papaw my mom called him “Pops” so that’s why the engraving says Pops.

Beautiful keepsake

I’m very happy with my necklace. I lost my sister 3 years ago and wearing this helps me keep her close. I find myself touching it throughout the day.

I love it so much I even got my sisters one as an early Mother’s Day gift... Thank you for such beautiful work

My Angels

I absolutely Love My angels Necklace, thank you for Fulfilling my order now I can have my angels with me everyday ❤️


I ordered this necklace for my 13yr old daughter. My fiancées grandson was her best friend & passed in an accident in November. We find her sleeping with his pictures and teddy bear after crying herself to sleep. I thought this would be a way to always have him with her. She loves it! Thank you so much. It is truly beautiful and we are going to order his sister one as well.

Wow! I loved it so much I got one for my sister.

It is beautiful! I wear it often. I got my sister one as well to remember our dad.

Fast shipping and i loved the necklace. Thanks alot.

I love it

It was exceptional and I ordered one for my sisters and stepmom when my sister saw mine she cried it was so touching

Photo necklace

I absolutely adore my first one..Just wish I had of sent you a better quality picture..

Birthday gift for my big sister

Growing up my sister didn’t have many pictures with our dad. We lost our dad in 2018 and I decided to have this picture of them made into a necklace for her birthday. When she received her necklace in the mail she called me and cried her heart out!! Now she will always have our daddy with her every single day.

I lost my dad on the 3rd of March this year & wanted a necklace made with his picture in it. I love it! It's a beautiful necklace!

Just perfect

Came out perfect absolutely love it.

Beautiful necklace

I just got mines today and its stunning I loved that I was able to trust this shop to get a memorial piece of my beautiful mom. I get to have her with me forever. Thank you all so very much! I will be ordering more for my siblings.

Heart memoir necklace

Absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! My late Mother’s birthday was yesterday and I received my necklace in the mail today! This company is phenomenal!!!

It was perfect

It arrived so quickly and was just perfect. If you’re trying to decide whether to get one or not, you just should. Such a beautiful and sentimental piece ❤️